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Personalized Programming and Physical Therapy Services

If you are looking for a personalized program, we can help you! We can work with you virtually wherever you are OR at our Los Angeles-based physical therapy facility, MOTI Physiotherapy.

To inquire about prenatal and postpartum personal training services, CONTACT US.

If you are injured or have recurring pain, seek help from a medical professional.

Our online program is NOT intended for you to try to diagnose or self-treat an existing injury. If you are injured or have recurring pain, it is critical that you seek help from a medical professional. And the sooner, the better! It’s important to address injuries and pain before they escalate. We recommend finding a women’s health Physical Therapist in your area. If you need physical therapy, we can treat you at MOTI Physiotherapy; however physical therapy services are restricted to patients in California due to licensing regulations.

MOTI has 2 locations in Los Angeles, where we can treat you in person or virtually via Telehealth services.

Visit MOTI’s website for information about booking and insurance.

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